SAP Fioneer Banking & S/4 Banking

As the original developers and architects of the SAP Fioneer Banking solution, our knowledge can't be beaten.

Continuing to transform SAP Fioneer Banking

As the original group of developers and architectures of the standard SAP Fioneer Banking solution (emerging from SAP), no one is better suited to support you with your upcoming or in-progress implementation or improvement project. We've been continuously innovating the SAP Banking suite in partnership with SAP since its foundational release, and with SAP Fioneer since launch. Combining our deep knowledge of the technology with financial services to design, develop and implement new product’s that now make up the standard SAP Fioneer solutions used and trusted by millions worldwide.

Why us?

We’ve been the trusted leader in driving transformational experiences using SAP Fioneer Banking solutions for more than 20 years. Powered by our world-class global delivery and obsession with solving complex business problems through innovation.

  • Certified SAP Fioneer Build and SAP Fioneer Implementation Partner
  • Implemented SAP Fioneer Banking for the top 50 financial institutions, spanning retail, corporate and investment banking
  • Developing and consulting on SAP Fioneer Banking since its foundational release, and a 20 year history of co-innovating directly with SAP and SAP Fioneer has given us a unique insight into its architecture and functional capabilities
  • Official build and implementation partner of the now standard SAP Fioneer Card Management product, Cheque Book Management featured on SAP Fioneer Deposits Management and SAP Fioneer Virtual Account Management custom project at a tier one commercial bank
  • Supported SAP with their Enterprise Service Architecture strategy and interface standardisation for SAP Fioneer Financial Services
  • Continue to work with SAP Fioneer on many of their Core Banking implementations globally including Standard Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Rabobank and Deutsche Bank
  • Unique set of proprietary S/4 and SAP Banking focussed tools which accelerate all phases of the project, including analysis, migration and testing

The financial services industry has experienced both technological and regulatory change unlike any other, therefore it’s essential you have a partner who has been part of that evolution, understands the technology and how best to apply it.

So, whether you’re looking to implement SAP Fioneer Banking for the first time, reorganise or reconcile data within your existing SAP Fioneer Banking system, or need support in deciding whether transitioning to SAP Fioneer Transactional Banking for S/4HANA is right for you, we’re the partners who can assist you in making an informed decision that makes best sense for you and your business across a range of business scenarios;

Our SAP Fioneer Banking related services

Our passion, knowledge and success within the financial services sector has led us to create a portfolio which provides all the services needed to deliver true digital transformation for those currently considering or operating in SAP.

Data Migration

We developed the core banking Migration Workbench Tool on behalf of SAP making us the safest partner.
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Product Design & Development

As the original developers and architects of SAP Fioneer Banking, our knowledge is unmatched. We were co-innovation partners with SAP on some of the most innovative financial services products including Virtual Account Management and Card Management.
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bancon provides services for the following SAP Fioneer Banking solutions

  • SAP Fioneer Transactional Banking for S/4 HANA
  • SAP Fioneer Banking Services 6.0-9.0
  • SAP Fioneer Deposits Management
  • SAP Fioneer Loans Management
  • SAP Fioneer Master Contract Management
  • SAP Fioneer Financial Services Business Partner
  • SAP Fioneer Bank Analyzer
  • SAP Fioneer Payment Engine
  • SAP Fioneer Collateral Management System
  • SAP Fioneer Consumer & Mortgage Loans inc. Complex Loans
  • SAP Fioneer Card Management
  • SAP Fioneer Virtual Account Management
  • SAP Fioneer information Lifecycle Management
  • SAP Fioneer Bank Customer Accounts
  • SAP Fioneer S/4 HANA for Financial Products Sub-Ledger
  • SAP Fioneer S/4 HANA Finance
  • All SAP Fioneer ECC Enterprise Resource Platforms

Our SAP Fioneer Banking customers

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