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Designing and developing banking product solutions runs inherently through our business.

Innovating SAP Fioneer Financial Services since its foundational release

As the original group of developers and architectures of the standard SAP Fioneer core banking solution (emerging from SAP), designing and developing banking solutions runs inherently through our business. To this day, we are still localizing the standard product for newly entered markets, as well as designing groundbreaking new products from scratch both in partnership with SAP Fioneer Innovative Business Solutions and directly for financial institutions.

As well as new, ground-up product builds, we’ve also designed several feature updates within the existing SAP Fioneer products including, Cheque Book Management within SAP Fioneer Deposits Management and Notional Pooling within Master Contract Management, while our Co-founder Jörg Mauelshagen was the lead architect on the foundational SAP Fioneer Policy Management product designed for the insurance industry.

Trusted leaders in SAP business transformation

Consumers are now in a position to make transactions and purchases anytime, anywhere and across a range of devices, irrespective of sector. The need for ultimate security, frictionless experiences and ability for total self-service has never been greater. So whether you are looking to address pain points faced by corporate treasurers, like helping them automate the reconciliation of payable or receivables, or reward your retail customer base for their loyalty, we can help. As a certified SAP Partner for over 20-years and a trusted partner of SAP Fioneer since launch, we understand how consumer demands have influenced the transformation of SAP Fioneer Financial Services, putting simplification and automation at the heart.


Check out some of the innovative SAP Banking solutions we designed in collaboration with SAP.

Virtual Account Management

bancon were the official build and implementation partner of the SAP Fioneer Virtual Account Management custom solution for a tier one commercial bank.

Transactional banking is forever changing thanks to the new wave of innovation entering the market, forcing treasurers to question whether they are getting the most from their bank. One area of increasing focus for large corporates is the desire to have a deeper and more immediate insight into their real-time liquidity position throughout the day and being able to react when changes need to be made, without intervention from their bank.

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Card Management

We designed the integrated Card Management system in collaboration with SAP Fioneer as part of a wider project to support the launch of Discovery Bank in South Africa. This collaborative project was the first direct integration between SAP and Visa which helped accelerate the servicing of end-users and dramatically reduced manual card management effort.

SAP Fioneer Card Management meets the demands laid down by customers who are looking for simple, fast and secure payment methods whether they use plastic or virtual cards. If card providers today fail to offer seamless mobile payments, digital wallets, instant transfers and payments as well as the more traditional in-store or atm transactions, then they will fail to retain customers, attract new ones and risk getting swallowed up by the competition.

Key benefits

  • The Card Management application allows providers to easily create flexible card products and bring them to market far quicker than ever before
  • Direct integration with customer loyalty programmes gives providers the power to encourage more frequent usage
  • Big data and predictive analytics means providers can analyse customer behaviour and create targeted, personalised messaging to enhance their experience offering
  • Channel agnostic central data platform that provides real-time data
  • SAP Fioneer Card Management can be easily integrated with other leading card issuers including Mastercard, American Express

Our SAP Fioneer Banking customers

Discovery Bank Postbank ATB Compartamos Banco Deutsche Bank

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