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Migrate, optimize or transform your data on SAP Banking safely and securely.

Optimizing data, safely and securely

As certified SAP Partners, we have been continuously supporting financial institutions migrate and optimize their data on SAP Banking for over 20 years. Within this time, we have supported SAP with the majority of their banking migrations globally, as well as being involved in the co-innovation and development of the many now standard data management tools.

Why us?

We’ve been the trusted leader in strategizing, conceptualizing and executing SAP Banking migrations direct to businesses and through SAP for more than 20-years. Powered by our world-class global delivery, proprietary tools and obsession with solving complex business problems through innovation. 

  • Led, executed and supported SAP with the majority of their core banking migration projects globally
  • 100% success rate, we have never failed a migration
  • Dedicated FSI Migration team, with the sole focus of delivering successful migrations specifically for financial institutions running SAP solutions

  • Responsible for the delivery of SAP’s most complex banking migration

  • Developed the migration tool (bDataLoader), which now forms part of the standard SAP tools used by their consulting division on global core banking, finance and insurance projects
  • Developed many of the now standard data management (DMLT/SLO) tool base used by SAP Consulting on many of their leading projects including, Rabobank, DZ Bank, FGH Bank, Allianz, Nan Shan Life Insurance
  • Executed the migration for 50 top global financial institutions spanning retail, corporate and investment banking
  • Co-designed and developed the migration tool for SAP Insurance Analyzer together with SAP
  • Unique set of proprietary S/4 and SAP Banking focused tools to accelerate all phases of the consolidation, conversation, transformation and/or migration process

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Our approach

Consolidating, transforming or migrating data on to any SAP Financial Services solution requires precise planning and detailed knowledge of the system. Although SAP systems as standard software are similar in structure and data model, they differ significantly in their configuration and data usage depending on the business processes specified as part of the implementation. In order for a business to succeed in this complex undertaking, all steps must be planned accordingly and precisely executed.

With our extensive knowledge of SAP Banking & SAP Insurance processes, coupled with our detailed understanding of its core architecture and data modelling, we offer a tried and tested approach to data security and integrity. You can count on bancon to formalise your strategy, approach, data preparation and data migration implementation.

Our expert consultants have ensured the smooth migration of over 200 SAP data management projects, while maintaining full data integrity with minimal effects to day-to-day business operations.   

So, whether you’re looking to reorganise or reconcile the data within your existing SAP system, migrate data to or from an SAP Banking solution, bancon are the partners who can assist you in making an informed decision that makes the best sense for your business across a number of different scenarios;

Our SAP data transformation customers

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