In today’s fast-paced landscape of diverse data processing scenarios, efficiency is the key to success, both in runtime and human interaction. Managing data migration and transformation projects involves a range of tools that need seamless integration, orchestrated execution, and careful handling of dependencies. Enter bAutomation, a robust platform designed by bancon to support and accelerate these projects, enabling the swift creation of tailored solutions for both one-off tasks and regular data processing exercises.

Understanding bAutomation by bancon

BAutomation by bancon stands as a powerful data processing and orchestration platform tailored for SAP NetWeaver systems. Its primary function is to connect and orchestrate various components, such as other bancon bTools, industry software and custom code, into processes that can be executed efficiently and without human intervention.

Users can design a “process” consisting of individual “steps,” each of which can be a part of other supported bTools, external tools, or custom ABAP code. The visual representation of these steps, connected by arrows indicating sequence and dependencies, allows for clear and logical construction. During execution, successor steps are triggered only if the predecessor’s execution is deemed successful, aligning with the logical and technical dependencies required.

Beyond sequential processes, bAutomation introduces the concept of data-oriented steps, offering a powerful framework for mass data processing and parallelization. The platform’s user-friendly interface adopts visual scripting and “low code” principles, making process design intuitive.

Additionally, the tool includes a user-friendly monitor for execution, offering both a high-level overview and detailed insights for seamless tracking.

“At its core, bAutomation functions as a versatile toolbox, empowering projects with the agility and efficiency required to meet customer demands,” says Tomas Kovac, Senior Development Architect at bancon. “It serves as a facilitator, allowing teams to leverage various tools seamlessly and accelerate project timelines.”

Versatile Use Cases

bAutomation proves its versatility in various scenarios, from automating routine daily tasks (akin to low-key Robotic Process Automation or RPA) to crafting one-click custom solutions for complex data migration projects.

For instance, at bancon, bAutomation is employed to prepare user-friendly scenarios for go-live in data migration projects. These scenarios hide the complexity of advanced tooling, allowing customer teams to execute them without extensive training or technical knowledge transfer. This capability streamlines the production data migration process, eliminating the need for project teams to access the production environment.

In another real-world use case, bAutomation serves as the execution engine for a custom reconciliation solution. This solution leverages bAutomation to parallelise execution massively, enhancing performance. The platform’s data-oriented framework enable the creation of custom steps that call the single-threaded reconciliation program, delivering the needed processing power and saving significant development effort.

“What sets bAutomation apart is its autonomy; human interaction becomes obsolete in routine tasks as pure automation minimizes the risk of human error and long processing times,” says Wilfried Schulte, Director of Data Transformation Projects at bancon. “The integration of bTools further enhances its capabilities, providing a comprehensive suite for data validation, particularly crucial in handling financial data with precision.”

These tools operate cohesively, often compared to Lego blocks within the bancon team. bAutomation serves as the connective tissue, orchestrating seamless integration and operation for each of their customer’s transformation projects.

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