Transactional banking is forever changing thanks to the new wave of innovation entering the market, forcing treasurers to question whether they are getting the most from their bank. One area of increasing focus for large corporates is the desire to have a deeper and more immediate insight into their real-time liquidity position throughout the day and being able to react when changes need to be made, without intervention from their bank.

Virtual Account Management is a concept introduced in the Nordics and Asia over 30 years ago, but one treasurers are only now seeing as a necessity of their incumbent bank. 

As co-developers of SAP Virtual Account Management for Financial Institutions, bancon have inherent knowledge on its capabilities, benefits and use cases.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • An overview of Virtual Account Management
  • What are the key benefits for both banks and their corporate clients?
  • What are the different use cases for Virtual Account Management, their value propositions and how do they work in practise?

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