SAP Fioneer Card Management Financial Services edition offers a range of features and functionalities that enable organisations to streamline their card programs, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility and control over their spending. If you are new to SAP Fioneer Card Management here is a crash course on the solution.

In short, what is SAP Fioneer Card Management?

SAP Fioneer Card Management is a software solution developed by SAP that enables organisations to manage their corporate card programs more efficiently. It offers features for managing card issuance, spending controls, transaction monitoring, and reporting. The solution integrates with financial systems, travel systems, and other enterprise applications to provide a comprehensive view of corporate spending. With SAP Fioneer Card Management, organisations can streamline their card programs, reduce costs, and gain greater visibility and control over their spending.

What are the key features and functionalities of the solution?

The key features and functionalities of SAP Fioneer Card Management include:

  1. Card Issuance and Management: SAP Fioneer Card Management allows organisations to issue and manage different types of corporate cards, including purchasing cards, travel cards, and virtual cards. It provides a centralised platform for managing card applications, approvals, and distribution and also supports Visa Direct and Tokenization.
  2. Spending Controls: The solution enables organisations to set spending limits and restrictions on card usage based on different criteria such as merchant category, transaction amount, and time of day. This helps organisations to prevent unauthorised spending,  reduce the risk of fraud or provide better support to vulnerable clients.
  3. Flexible Products: SAP Fioneer Card Management was built with flexibility in mind and allows financial institutions to introduce new card based propositions including ‘buy now pay later’, introductory interest free periods and ‘buy on loan’.
  4. End-to-end Card Lifecycle: supports the full lifecycle of card spanning from creation(product, contract relationship, embossing), on-going servicing (activations, locks and stops, renewals), transaction process (limit management, Visa Direct, clearing and settlement) and billing (settlement, statement issuance, billing and payment collection).
  5. Reporting and Analytics: The solution offers a range of reporting and analytics capabilities that provide insights into corporate spending patterns. Organisations can generate customised reports, dashboards and visualisations to track spending trends, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve decision-making.
  6. Seamless integration with other SAP Fioneer and non-SAP Fioneer Systems: SAP Fioneer Card Management integrates with non-SAP Fioneer core banking systems and wider systems such as travel systems, HR systems,  AML/KYC systems and integration to the Visa Network (ISO 8385) to provide a comprehensive view of corporate spending. This enables organisations to manage their card programs more efficiently and effectively.

Why should organisations consider SAP Fioneer Card Management?

Improved Efficiency: SAP Fioneer Card Management offers a centralised platform for managing corporate card programs, enabling organisations to streamline processes, reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency.

Greater Visibility and Control: The solution provides real-time monitoring of card transactions, enabling organisations to detect and prevent fraudulent activity promptly. It also offers features for setting spending limits and restrictions, providing greater control over corporate spending.

New Propositions: The solution provides financial institutions the ability to introduce simple yet innovate card offerings include ‘buy on loan’ or ‘buy now pay later’ and introduce propositions that promote social and corporate responsibility in the form of merchant blocks, therefore providing support to those who are suffering with gambling, substance and/or alcohol abuse.

Cost Savings: SAP Fioneer Card Management provides insights into corporate spending patterns, enabling organisations to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise their card programs accordingly.

What can you expect from working with bancon?

As the original group of developers and architectures of many of the standard SAP Fioneer Banking solution (emerging from SAP), no one is better suited to support you with your upcoming or in-progress implementation or improvement project. We’ve been continuously innovating the SAP Banking suite in partnership with SAP since its foundational release, and with SAP Fioneer since launch. Combining our deep knowledge of the technology with financial services to design, develop and implement new product’s that now make up the standard SAP Fioneer solutions used and trusted by millions worldwide.

We’ve been the trusted leader in driving transformational experiences using SAP Fioneer Banking solutions for more than 20 years. Powered by our world-class global delivery and obsession with solving complex business problems through innovation. Official build and implementation partner of the now standard SAP Fioneer Card Management product implemented for Discovery Bank to help create the world’s first behavioural bank.

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