Walldorf, Dec. 7, 2021 - bancon, the global SAP Financial Services and data transformation company, today announces it has signed a partnership agreement with SAP Fioneer. Effective immediately, the global partnership spans across development and consultancy services. 

Together, bancon and SAP Fioneer will assist a breadth of financial institutions at various stages of digital maturity, helping them accelerate their transformation journeys and benefit from the collective expertise in Finance and Core Banking transformation. This partnership combines deep knowledge of development, data management and advisory services to bring exciting propositional enhancements, increased operational resilience and improved automation to micro, challenger and enterprise institutions alike,   

Jörg Mauelshagen, Co-Founder and Group Director of bancon comments, “Integrating the capabilities of bancon with the those of SAP Fioneer is critical to ensuring financial institutions have access to the rich pool of knowledge to further their transformation agenda. When SAP and DEDIQ announced their plans to form a dedicated business to serve the financial services community, it sparked excitement in our industry. The leadership team at SAP Fioneer and their respective teams have impressively already begun operations and we look forward to forging a new and dynamic relationship with SAP Fioneer just as we have, and will continue to do so, with SAP in other industry verticals.’’ 

Brad Jarrett, Global Director Financial Services, comments, ‘’The pace of change brought on through the advancement in technology has drastically impacted how financial institutions do business. Today, banks and insurers must engage with clients through constant innovation, improving efficiency and personalising the experience at every single touchpoint. SAP Fioneer’s solution suite combined with our collective consulting capabilities and industry expertise, will allow financial institutions to accelerate their digital agenda with predictability and confidence.  

For more information about how this partnership could benefit your business, get in touch with Brad Jarrett, Global Director Financial Services at bancon.