In our previous ‘Meet the Team’ article, we introduced you to a handful of our fantastic team in India. Having recently celebrated the second anniversary of our expansion into the region, we wanted to introduce our clients, customers, and partners to the team responsible for our success.

In the second part of our interview, we delve deeper into the heart of bancon. From our organisational ethos to the vibrant culture that defines us, join us as we explore the inner workings of bancon through the lens of our dedicated team members.

Get ready to learn more about our company values, culture, and unique ways of working that make bancon a truly exceptional place to work.

Let’s move on to our next question. bancon encourages employees to train and specialise in their chosen career path. How does this compare with other businesses with global locations?

Sowmya: When it comes to collaboration, it’s truly remarkable. Despite working across different time zones and continents, the synergy among our global team at bancon is nothing short of amazing. We each bring our unique expertise to the table—whether it’s Core Banking, payments, or lending—and there’s always someone ready to lend a helping hand. What’s really impressive is that there’s never any hesitation to assist, regardless of project boundaries. It’s like a culture of support and knowledge-sharing runs through our veins. Despite the physical distance, technology has never been a barrier to our collaboration or learning experiences.

When we talk about the bancon family, it’s more than just words—it’s a reality. We’re truly a family, always there for each other, no matter where in the world we may be.

Ojas: bancon operates with a refreshingly lean approach to management—it’s simple yet incredibly effective. There’s a great team of experts and professionals at hands reach. The professionalism and expertise of bancon’s team members make collaboration seamless and productive.

What sets bancon apart is its commitment to fostering connections and keeping the team motivated. From regular monthly and weekly connects to casual coffee breaks, there’s always an opportunity to stay engaged and connected. Even though some of us may work closely together on specific projects, these global meets allow us to deepen our understanding of each other and build stronger bonds.

The unique culture of collaboration, support, and camaraderie makes working here such a rewarding experience.

Kanishka: I’d like to highlight the exceptional support and environment that bancon provides to its new joiners—it’s truly commendable. Before diving into projects, employees receive thorough training and knowledge sharing, ensuring a solid understanding of the project’s scope and objectives. This approach greatly facilitates the employee’s ability to grasp the project’s nuances and contribute efficiently to finding solutions.

The ongoing support doesn’t stop there! As Ojas mentioned, we have weekly connects where we can discuss our areas of interest and even request specialised training in fields like Core Banking or payments. It’s incredibly encouraging to see managers actively supporting and facilitating employees’ professional development by guiding them towards projects aligned with their interests and providing the necessary training.

The approach from bancon to nurturing talent not only helps individual growth but also strengthens the team as a whole. It’s one of the many aspects of bancon’s culture that makes it such a rewarding place to work.

Mohanapriya: I’ve personally found that bancon prioritises employee development by encouraging specialisation and providing ample training opportunities. This focus not only fosters individual growth but also enhances career prospects within the industry.

What sets bancon apart is its commitment to supporting new joiners. In my first two months here, I’ve received guidance and support from my team members who’ve helped alleviate any concerns and issues I had.

During a recent team meeting, I had the chance to interact with everyone, which was a fantastic experience. The emphasis on employee development at bancon is evident—it’s about ensuring we’re equipped with the right skills and knowledge to thrive in the current technological landscape.

Mitali: At bancon, we stand out in every aspect. Unlike traditional practices, we value individuals with diverse skill sets rather than just one specialisation. This unique hiring strategy allows the business to form agile project teams where each member can effectively multitask. Working like this encourages us to forge strong bonds with colleagues and customers alike.

What sets us apart even further is the freedom we’re given to actively engage in discussions about our preferred areas of work. Whether we’re eager to explore new specialisms or deepen our existing proficiencies, the choice is ours. This flexibility not only promotes personal growth but also ensures that we can contribute meaningfully to projects we’re passionate about, all while continuously improving ourselves.

Ashish: At bancon, we’re paired with global competency teams, allowing us to focus on mastering our chosen areas. These teams comprise seasoned professionals who guide us every step of the way. They’re always available, providing thorough knowledge transfer sessions rather than leaving us to learn on our own.

Many of the teams at bancon are intentionally kept small, fostering stronger connections and bonds among members. This setup enables us to connect more closely with our colleagues, enhancing collaboration and teamwork.

It’s great to hear about some of the projects you have worked on during your career with bancon. Moving on to the organisational structure, could you talk us through the benefits of working with a global team and with global customers?

Ojas: Working with global teams and customers has been invaluable in my experience. Understanding different cultures is paramount, especially when interacting with customers. As consultants, our ability to connect with stakeholders and negotiate effectively relies heavily on grasping cultural nuances. It’s about knowing how people communicate and behave in various situations.

In my line of work, constant interaction with stakeholders is crucial. We often find ourselves negotiating and explaining the importance of our work. Understanding cultural differences enables us to connect with people more effectively and convey our expertise in the right context. By doing so, we can better understand their challenges and tailor solutions accordingly.

For me, the primary benefit of collaborating with global teams and clients is the exposure to diverse cultures. It enriches our professional experiences and enables us to build stronger, more effective solutions.

Sowmya: You know, it’s interesting how different banks operate around the world. Each country has its own unique way of doing things, whether it’s how interest rates are charged or the fees imposed on customers. Take South African banks compared to those in England, for instance—it’s like night and day. In my role, understanding these cultural nuances is key. As a functional specialist, it’s not just about knowing the business inside out, but also about collaborating effectively with diverse teams and meeting their specific needs. Culture really does play a pivotal role in how we work together and achieve our goals.

Kanishka: Absolutely! Interacting with people from all over the world is incredibly beneficial. It not only helps shape our personality but also enhances our communication skills and understanding of diverse requirements. This makes it easier for us to craft effective solutions tailored to their needs. Having regular interactions with customers from various backgrounds is particularly enlightening. It allows developers like myself to gain a clear understanding of their requirements and ultimately deliver better outcomes. So, for me, the value of global interaction cannot be overstated.

Mohanapriya: The key takeaway here is the importance of networking and building relationships with professionals worldwide. By expanding our professional network, we open doors to new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Working with global teams and customers not only strengthens our existing relationships but also fosters new business opportunities. It’s all about leveraging these connections to drive business growth and explore new avenues for development.

Ashish: Working with customers worldwide allows us to cater to their diverse needs effectively. Each interaction provides unique insights into their culture and requirements, enriching our understanding. Additionally, it serves as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange. We learn from their experiences and perspectives, fostering continuous growth and learning for us. Overall, it’s a mutually beneficial experience that enhances our ability to serve customers better while broadening our horizons.

Mitali: My perspective revolves around the profound benefits of collaborating with colleagues from diverse geographical backgrounds. This interaction not only broadens our understanding of different cultures and work practices but also enriches our problem-solving approach. With input from various perspectives, we’re able to implement solutions from multiple angles, leading to more effective outcomes. It’s like having a multitude of brains working together to tackle a single question, which undoubtedly enhances the quality of our work. Overall, working with global teams and clients is a rewarding experience.

Amazing! It’s great to hear your perspectives on the global structure. Let’s move on to the next question. Why did you all want to become banconeers?

Ojas: For me, the allure of joining bancon stems from my deep-rooted passion for SAP Banking, which I’ve been immersed in for over 11 years now. Upon exploring various options, bancon stood out with its impressive pool of banking experts. It’s a no-brainer to want to be part of such a knowledgeable community, where learning, evolution, and contribution go hand in hand.

At bancon, you can engage with anyone, from directors to co-founders, about anything. This emphasis on open communication not only promotes transparency but also contributes to a healthier work-life balance, something I highly prioritise in today’s fast-paced world.

Imran: Absolutely, bancon truly prioritises its employees above all else. Regardless of the situation, the company ensures that the well-being and security of its employees come first. Unlike many other companies, bancon avoids over-hiring, sparing employees from the anxiety of potential layoffs during uncertain times, which we’ve unfortunately been witnessing more frequently lately.

Transparency is key here, with no hidden agendas or unclear hierarchies. Everyone, from top management to junior staff, is encouraged to approach leadership directly with any concerns or feedback. It’s more like a family dynamic than a strict corporate hierarchy.

Since joining bancon, I’ve witnessed firsthand the high employee satisfaction levels. It’s rare to see anyone leave the company, which speaks volumes about the positive work culture and management style at bancon.

Kumar: I’ve found that at bancon, there’s always a supportive network of experienced colleagues ready to lend a helping hand whenever needed. You never feel alone; there’s always someone to guide you forward.

bancon’s commitment to staying at the forefront of new technologies is truly inspiring. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects like SOTR, VK, and Virtual Accounts. This exposure to the latest technologies keeps me engaged and motivated, making bancon the perfect place for me to grow and thrive in my career.

Mohanapriya: I want to share my experience from my first month at bancon. When I received my new laptop, I encountered some issues with the internet connectivity. Claudia was incredibly proactive in addressing the problem. Despite multiple attempts to fix it, the issue persisted, so they promptly replaced the laptop for me within a week. It was remarkable how swiftly they identified and resolved the issue.

Throughout the technical challenges, the bancon team was incredibly supportive. They prioritise our comfort and well-being, ensuring that any issues we face are promptly addressed without any unnecessary hassle. bancon truly values its employees and goes above and beyond to support us in our work.

Sowmya: I’d like to share my perspective next. At bancon, the work-life balance is exceptional. What’s remarkable is how the company prioritises gender diversity and ensures that female employees have the flexibility to excel in their roles while managing personal commitments. With the option to work from home or any preferred location, we can seamlessly connect with colleagues worldwide, striking a perfect balance between work and personal life.

My passion lies in SAP Banking, particularly in SAP Core Banking and Payments. What sets bancon apart is the continuous learning and growth opportunities it offers. While working on projects, we’re simultaneously trained in various areas of expertise, including payments. This opens up avenues for personal and professional development within the company.

Kanishka: bancon stands out for me because of its culture of open communication. Here, I feel empowered to express my views and contribute creative solutions and ideas to my mentors without any hesitation. This environment encourages me to perform better each day. One thing I truly appreciate is the recognition and appreciation for my work. It’s incredibly motivating to receive acknowledgement for your efforts, and bancon ensures that all employees feel valued and encouraged to excel.

Mitali: I didn’t know much about the company before joining. I met with Claudia and Brad when they looked to expand their outreach within the region, and they provided me with invaluable insights into bancon’s clients and projects. Looking back, I’m grateful for making the right choice, and I’m thrilled to be part of the bancon family, especially now in India. bancon has developed a strong reputation, and I’m proud to be associated with it

That’s amazing. Thank you everyone. Before we end today’s interview, I just had one last question… What advice would you give to someone looking to further their career with bancon?

Mitali: At bancon, we value flexibility and open communication, allowing us to thrive in a supportive environment. This, coupled with management’s responsiveness and care for employee well-being, makes bancon an exceptional place to work. I encourage anyone considering bancon to explore career opportunities, as the journey here can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Sowmya: bancon prioritises employee well-being and fosters open communication, ensuring that concerns are promptly addressed. The supportive atmosphere and approachable management contribute to a positive work environment. I’ve referred many to join the team because of the care and support provided.

Ojas: If someone is considering joining bancon, I would highlight two key points. Firstly, bancon offers an excellent work-life balance. Secondly, bancon provides opportunities to work on various projects across the globe, allowing individuals to continually explore new challenges and expand their skill set. bancon is a great organisation that caters to your professional and personal needs.

Kanishka: If I were to refer bancon to someone, I would emphasise the importance of being open to change, embracing learning opportunities, and fostering clear communication. Building strong relationships with colleagues and clients is key to advancing in our careers, and being receptive to feedback and new ideas facilitates growth.

Mohanapriya: For anyone considering joining bancon, I would highlight the work-from-home opportunities provided and the company’s genuine concern for our well-being. Just last week, during a meeting with Jörg and Brad, they asked if I was comfortable travelling to Bangalore. It was unexpected but highly appreciated that they sought my opinion rather than just assuming my preferences. I’ve already begun recommending bancon to friends, and although some are in different industries, I’ve encouraged them to consider it.

Ashish: I’d like to emphasise that with the influx of new technologies and bancon taking on innovative projects, it’s essential to be prepared to embrace and learn these new technologies. This presents an excellent opportunity for growth and development within bancon.

Thank you to the team in India for their contributions and for answering our questions for this edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Make sure to follow bancon on LinkedIn to hear more news from our valued teams.

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