Two years have passed since bancon, the renowned global financial services system integrator, embarked on its journey to expand their offering to India. Now, as we celebrate this milestone, let’s take a closer look at the exceptional team behind bancon’s successful expansion into the region. From the bustling streets of Bangalore, our dedicated professionals have played a pivotal role in strengthening bancon’s international presence and enhancing our expert delivery capabilities. Join us as we introduce the passionate individuals who bring innovation and excellence to every aspect of our operations in India.

Thank you everyone for joining us today. We’re looking forward to hearing more about you and learning about your role within the bancon team. Let’s begin. Please could you tell us a little bit about you and your background?

Imran Mohd, Operations Manager: Hey there! I’m Imran Mohd. When it comes to education, I hold a Masters in Business Administration, and throughout my 19-year journey in the IT industry, I’ve dabbled in various domains and verticals.

I kick-started my career in support at Icom Tech, then moved up the ladder to become the Operations Manager. From there, it was a whirlwind—I’ve had stints at SP Software, a CMI Level 3 company, and Jolokia Corporation, where I eventually served as the Vice President of Technical Operations.

Fast forward to now, and I’m proudly part of the bancon team, owning the role of Operations Manager here in Bangalore. Outside of the hustle and bustle of work, I find my bliss in family life. I’m happily married with three amazing children—two boys and my sweet daughter.

Sowmya Sambasivan, Senior Functional Consultant: Absolutely! So, I’ve been in the IT industry for over 19 years now, with a solid 15-year stint specifically in SAP Banking. My journey’s been quite diverse—I’ve had the pleasure of working with big names like Accenture and EY before finding my feet here at bancon. Along the way, I’ve tackled projects for heavyweights like the Macquarie Bank, Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Nationwide Building Society, and HSBC. Currently, I’m diving deep into projects with ING and now Standard Bank of South Africa at bancon.

Roles-wise, I’ve worn many hats—started off in testing, moved up to manage tests at Accenture, dipped into functional roles, and even worked as a business analyst on government projects during my EY days. Oh, and amidst the chaos of COVID, I chipped in on the Karnataka government’s COVID application. Plus, there’s been plenty of data migration action within SAP Banking.

Outside of work, I’ve got a wonderful family— I have my affectionate parents, a loving spouse and two awesome kids, one is ten and the other is six.

Ojas Srivastava, SAP Banking SME: Hey there, nice to meet you! I’m happily married with a little son, and we’re living with my parents up in the northern part of India.

Now, onto the professional stuff—I’ve been in the SAP Banking industry for over 11 years now, specialising as a functional consultant and currently working in the role of subject matter expert in SAP Banking Loans Management. Throughout my journey, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world—Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands—you name it!

I’ve got some solid experience with SAP CML consumer mortgage loans too. So, there you have it, that’s me in a nutshell!

Mitali Singh, Development Consultant: Hey there, nice to chat! So, I’m currently working as a techno functional consultant in the banking industry, with almost nine years of experience under my belt. Before diving into SAP, I completed my Bachelor’s of Engineering. With years of experience in SAP, I’ve gained a strong understanding of software solutions tailored for the banking sector. I’ve been involved in various aspects of the business process, from analysis and requirement gathering to designing, testing, and even mentoring juniors.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about sports like badminton and table tennis, and I’m a cricket enthusiast. Travelling and exploring different cuisines also brings me joy.

Ashish Kumar, Development Consultant: Hey there! So, I’ve got about five years of experience under my belt. Before joining the bancon team, I was over at Accenture, where I dabbled in support projects and focused on deposit management. Now that I’m with bancon, I’ve transitioned into a developer role, mainly working on full implementation projects for CML. As for my personal life, well, I’m just a bachelor, taking life as it comes and enjoying every moment.

Mohanapriya Sundaram, Consultant: Hi there! With over 12 years of industry experience, I’ve had quite the journey. During my time, I spent three pivotal years at Accenture, working extensively on Nationwide Building Society projects. After completing my Master’s degree, I dove headfirst into the world of SAP at Accenture. Despite SAP being relatively new to me at the time, I found myself deeply interested in SAP Banking. Over those three years, I gained valuable experience in both development and support projects. Following that period, I decided to take a break after getting married. Now, I’m a proud parent of two wonderful kids—a seven-year-old and a four-year-old who’s just starting school.

Recently, I joined the fantastic team here at bancon, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the bancon family.

Kanishka Gupta, SAP ABAP Developer: Hey there! I graduated with a degree in Computer Science Engineering and kickstarted my career journey at Accenture, where I spent about 18 months. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with Coca-Cola, delving into ABAP development.

Last year in April, I joined the dynamic team at bancon, and since then, I’ve been involved in two significant implementation projects as an ABAP developer. It’s been quite the learning curve, and I’ve relished every challenge that came my way.

Aside from my passion for solving complex technical problems, I also have a love for music. In my free time, you’ll often find me honing my skills in classical singing—it’s a hobby I truly cherish.

Amazing, it’s so great to be spending time with you and learning more about you all today. So, why did you enter the SAP Banking industry? What would you say has made you want to stay within this line of work?

Kanishka: I stepped into the SAP Banking industry because of its myriad of challenging and intriguing projects. I saw it as an opportunity to continuously enhance my technical skills, particularly in EBAC. Moreover, the industry holds immense potential for my career growth and development.

Ojas: SAP Banking has been a fascinating journey for me from the start. Banking itself encompasses a vast array of activities, making it an intricate industry to navigate. When I delved into SAP technology, particularly focusing on loans management within the banking sector, I found it both challenging and rewarding. With a penchant for problem-solving, my personal skills seamlessly intertwined with the demands of SAP Banking.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve witnessed continuous evolution, with upgrades and technological transformations keeping me on my toes. Each year brings new learning opportunities, propelling my journey forward in the dynamic landscape of banking technology. I’m excited about the endless possibilities this field holds and look forward to exploring them further in the years to come.

Sowmya: Reflecting back 15 years, I recall being part of the pioneering group trained in SAP Banking at Accenture. From mastering contract management to delving into deposit management and now, navigating Virtual Account Management, the intricacies of banking assets have always captivated me. SAP Banking is ever evolving, presenting fresh learning opportunities and avenues for innovation daily. Each SAP implementation project brings forth new versions and features, keeping the landscape dynamic and engaging.

This perpetual evolution has been a driving force throughout my career. When seeking new projects or transitioning between companies, I prioritise opportunities within SAP Banking. It’s this passion and dedication that led me to join bancon, enticed by the prospect of contributing to SAP Banking in a functional role.

Mohanapriya: I have over 12 years’ experience in the SAP Banking industry, I’ve witnessed its evolution firsthand. Despite my extensive experience, I continue to see abundant opportunities within this dynamic field. Financial institutions recognise the imperative to invest in technology to maintain competitiveness, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities for professionals like myself.

Continuous learning is ingrained in the fabric of SAP Banking. It not only fosters personal growth but also enables professionals to stay abreast of industry developments. At bancon, particularly, I’m excited about the prospect of encountering new technologies within the SAP ecosystem.

Mitali: When I was starting out as a fresher, I dived headfirst into the world of SAP. My journey began with some solid training and getting to grips with SAP ABAP apps, which laid down a pretty good foundation for me.

As I worked into various implementation projects across different domains, banking caught my attention because of the real-world relevance. Banking touches everything we do, from paying bills to managing savings. That’s what got me hooked and pushed me to focus more on SAP for the banking sector. It’s like being part of something that affects everyone’s lives in a real, tangible way.

Ashish: Ever since I joined bancon, it’s been a whirlwind of challenges and learning experiences. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some seriously talented people who’ve taught me so much.

SAP Banking has its challenges, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. No day is the same and that’s what I love about it.

Could you tell me about some of the interesting banking projects you have worked on since joining the team?

Mitali: When I first joined bancon, I was working with ING as an ABAP developer. I worked on a project centred around Virtual Account Management (VAM). Diving into bank statements, especially those single and balance accounts, was quite the eye-opener.

After that project, I moved to a new opportunity started working with Rabobank, travelled to the Netherlands worked directly on a client-facing role. There, I dove headfirst into the world of Loans Management. It was fascinating to see how SAP systems and loan processes interacted.

Ojas: So, when I first joined bancon, my assignment was to travel to the Netherlands for a project with Rabobank. The project was a full-fledged implementation project utilising the latest technologies, with plans to be the first bank to transition to TRBK.

What sets this project apart is its technology-focused approach and ambitious goals. As bancon consultants, we play a pivotal role in Rabobank’s transformation journey. It’s not just about the technology—it’s about the significant impact we’re making, holding key positions within the project.

Working alongside colleagues like Mitali and others from around the globe, we’re driving change and learning so much in the process. This project is a unique opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally, and it’s shaping us into better consultants with each passing day. It’s projects like these that truly define the bancon experience.

Sowmya: When I joined bancon, I started on a project for ING, focusing on Virtual Account Management (VAM). It was an exciting opportunity because VAM isn’t commonly implemented in many banks.

In terms of my experience, I’ve covered various aspects such as deposit management, loans, and master contract management (MCM). I’ve had exposure to the entire account lifecycle, except for areas like statements, correspondence, and pricing.

Currently, I’m working with Standard Bank of South Africa, focusing on pricing—an area I hadn’t explored much in my previous project. We’re working on automating year-end pricing processes mandated by the Reserve Bank. It’s a challenging task, but also incredibly interesting. We’re exploring different approaches to streamline the process, aiming to reduce manual steps while ensuring accuracy.

Kanishka: Since joining bancon, I’ve had the opportunity to work on two significant projects. The first was an internal migration project, where I gained hands-on experience with ABAP objects. It was a valuable learning experience, allowing me to delve into various technical aspects of ABAP and boosting my confidence in working with it.

More recently, I’ve been involved in a client-based data migration project. This project aims to modernise banking data infrastructure by transferring critical information from legacy systems to our SAP system. This process enhances data accessibility and manageability in banking operations.

As an ABAP developer on this project, my role involves writing code to handle large volumes of data and ensuring a seamless migration process while maintaining data integrity. It’s a challenging task, but ensuring a successful migration is essential for the project’s success.

Ashish: When I first joined bancon, I started off with ING. My tasks mainly revolved around bank statements, payments, and deposits. While it provided valuable experience, it was more of a support role rather than a full implementation.

Recognising the importance of choosing projects that align with our interests, I reached out to my managers. bancon has always been supportive in allowing us to select projects that resonate with us. As a result, I was later assigned to a South African client, JD, focusing on consumer and mortgage loans.

Working on this project has been an incredible learning experience. I’m gaining insights into the entire lifecycle of loans, from start to finish. With guidance from experienced seniors, there’s plenty of work to dive into and learn from. It’s been quite the journey so far.

Thank you to the wonderful team in India for contributing to the first regional edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series.

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