Mondelēz is a multinational FMCG company headquartered in Chicago. As part of their business plan, they had decided to carve out their coffee business and set it up as its own legal entity.

The Challenge

In order to carve out and set up a stand-alone legal business entity, a new SAP system had to be created which included all relevant business data of the previously integrated coffee company. The scale of Mondelēz’s global footprint meant carving out the historical business data from 41 countries and integrating it into one, new SAP system. Master data such as different types of coffee, sizes and packaging, as well as transactional data like purchase orders, plantation details and customer orders, all needed to be transferred seamlessly to ensure there was no disruptions to the day-to-day operations and business and customer relations could continue as normal.

The Solution

Conducted in collaboration with SAP, we needed to first understand the situation and what kind of data needed to be transferred, so a detailed analysis was conducted. Working with the Mondelez team, our analysis translated Mondelēz’s business objectives into technical requirements.

We first identified that we needed to harmonize the data relating to the SKUs including, packaging, product names and numbers. Our analysis also identified that in order to prepare the new system, we needed to also harmonize the customer data.

After the analysis, it was clear which data sets would need to be transferred, the size of the transfer and the amount of data this consisted of, which gave a defined time frame for the overall technical transformation.

The technical transformation was first done in a test environment. We installed the SAP Company Code Deletion tool on a sandbox we created as a direct replica of the live system. This allowed us to run the deletion in a safe testing environment that did not affect the live system.

During the test transformations, Mondelēz was able to run tests of their own to ensure the newly set up system was functioning as intended. Once testing was complete and Mondelez was satisfied, we then started the transformation in the live environment.

The Results

Mondelez received a new SAP system for their coffee business that was completed on-time and within budget. Due to bancon’s thorough methodology, analysis and testing, there were no nasty surprises along the way and the effect on live business operations was kept to an absolute minimum.

"With our experience and background on data transformation activities, our technical team was able to provide the result Mondelez needed, on time and to the expected quality."

Bernhard Stricker, Co-founder & Group Director — bancon

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