Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, their daughter company are the world leader in the production of large and complex shaped aircraft components. Thanks to a wealth of ideas, sound development and highly-skilled employees the company are breaking new ground in the processing of high-tech materials which meet the most demanding quality requirements. The world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers rely on the products they develop. 

The Challenge

The daughter company needed to migrate and split an enormous amount of financial open items within their SAP landscape. An internal restructuring of production processes required a split of financial postings into two separate target sources. With millions of FI open items and needing to ensure 100% accuracy to be audit-proof ready this project would have been an impossible manual task.  

The Solution

bancon worked alongside SAP to deliver this project, selecting one of bancon’s proprietary bTools bPostingEngine as the most effective solution. By using bPostingEngine the process would be automated, reducing the need for lots of manual hours to transfer all the FI open items and reducing the risk of human error. Not only this, but the tool provides a high-level of expertise and runtime optimization.  

The huge volume of data added increased complexity to the project so to achieve a smooth migration bancon developed a set of FI migration custom rules within bPostingEngine to split the SAP FI data. Working closely with the internal FI team to agree the criteria, bancon were then able to enter the specific requirements to set up bPostingEngine to extract the necessary items, simulate them in the new system, automate accuracy checks and post seamlessly to the main company system.  

The Results

We performed a highly successful migration and achieved 100% accuracy despite the vast volume of data involved. We ensured that all relevant affected process flows and business flows worked seamlessly in terms of FI.  

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