System Consolidation

Save time and money by merging multiple SAP systems into one centralized system.

Creating an IT infastructure for the future

If you’ve been working with SAP as your main ERP system for a number of years, it’s possible that overtime different departments or legal entities have created their own siloed systems. This might have made sense in the past, however nowadays it’s never been more important to run a lean IT infrastructure, saving time and money while optimizing your SAP system to support your business for the future.

Problems of today — and how we solve them

While running their individual purposes well, it’s impossible for multiple SAP systems to give a clear view of all business operations, which leads to inefficiencies, over spending and loss of negotiation power with suppliers. While there is a business case for keeping them separate, these systems need to be connected so they can work together to provide the level of clarity needed for businesses who want to remain competitive. It is possible to run an entire business on one centralized SAP system and there are many examples of businesses large and small who do this today.

In almost all cases, centralized systems have major running cost advantages as multiple hardware systems are removed along with the need for multiple backups and interfaces. As well as optimising your budget, you’ll have a platform which will be able to run all processes of your business in one place saving precious time and resource.

These types of projects are unique to every business and consultants like us at bancon, must first understand the entire structure of your business and what you want to achieve before suggesting the various methodologies and tools which are available. This is commonly known as System Landscape Optimization (SLO), however nowadays it is often referred to as Data Transformation.

Our technical services

At bancon, we have a specific approach when conducting these types of projects. Having been at the forefront of System Landscape Optimization and data transformation for over 20 years we’ve helped develop some of the tools used by SAP today. As well as this, we have also built additional tools unique to us that allows our consultants to get to the heart of the business challenge and solve it in the leanest way possible.

The technical realization of a system merge is performed through a finite portfolio of bespoke bancon tools and services. The specific scenario and state of the systems to be merged, will decipher which bespoke bancon tools or services you need. An analysis carried out at the start of the project will compare the state of the current system with the intended outcome and provide the information we need to develop an overall project scope. Often, multiple technical services are needed for example, you might have materials or customer numbers which are overlapping and need to be renamed, or chart accounts to be harmonized for streamlined financial reporting.

SAP Landscape Transformation

SAP Landscape Transformation software is designed to migrate and align any type of data within your existing SAP platform. As SAP Silver Partners we have access to the wide-ranging tools that can help you transform your business and unify your technology infrastructure.

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Our deep-rooted experience with SAP means we are familiar with the challenge's businesses can face when undergoing a data transformation project. That's why we've developed our own set of unique tools which complement the standard SAP suite. Centered around quality assurance, a number of our unique bTools take expensive manual tasks, prone to human error and automate them with more rigour and accuracy, not only reducing risk, but also reducing costs.

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