SAP Harmonization & Standardization

Increase quality and productivity by optimising and harmonising your SAP systems.

Understanding the health of your business

As a business it is important to optimize, harmonize and standardize processes, product and customer data so your employees have an established, time-tested process to use. For example, a typical harmonized chart of accounts enables like for like financial performance comparisons allowing a true understanding of the health of any business. When successful, a harmonized and standardized IT structure benefits from increased quality of work, productivity boosts and increased employee motivation.

Drifting apart

SAP systems are a common standard business solution for thousands of companies worldwide. As a result, there are numerous possibilities with regards to how they can be configured and how the processes and data is used. As an SAP system goes through its lifecycle it can grow and expand organically, but equally it can also drift apart. This can be solved through harmonization and standardization but will only work if the SAP ERP system is being harmonized along with any organizational changes.

A typical example is the creation of new material numbers. If not well controlled, this can cause issues such as having multiple material numbers for the same item, counteracting any centralised purchasing of those materials.

When companies go through a merger or acquisition, they originate from different sources and so business processes and data will have been used differently. To achieve desired synergies between the companies requires harmonization to ensure one version of the truth.

Our technical services

Harmonization and Standardization requires a deep knowledge of SAP, specifically in System Landscape Optimization (SLO). However, every business case is different. That’s why at bancon, we’ve built an SLO toolbox containing a portfolio of technical services which can be uniquely combined to get the best results for our client’s needs.

SAP Landscape Transformation

SAP Landscape Transformation software is designed to migrate and align any type of data within your existing SAP platform. As SAP Silver Partners we have access to the wide-ranging tools that can help you transform your business and unify your technology infrastructure.

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Our deep-rooted experience with SAP means we are familiar with the challenge's businesses can face when undergoing a data transformation project. That's why we've developed our own set of unique tools which complement the standard SAP suite. Centered around quality assurance, a number of our unique bTools take expensive manual tasks, prone to human error and automate them with more rigour and accuracy, not only reducing risk, but also reducing costs.

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