Our proprietary Posting Engine tool reduces project times from months to minutes, with 100% audit-proof accuracy.

Introducing bPostingEngine

At a time of accelerating enterprise-wide change, migrating open financial transactional data, from one SAP system to another still requires an accuracy only manual input can achieve. However, manual input is time-consuming, costly, prone to human error, and at scale, almost impossible.


bPostingEngine from bancon removes the complexity, automating open posting, simply and seamlessly. It eliminates the need for expertise and the risk of human intervention. By predefining rules for each open item, and simulating each posting, data is migrated with a 100% accuracy. No matter how many transactions or projects are open, bPostingEngine reduces what took months, to minutes.

Quality control

Born of 20 years collaboration between bancon and SAP, only bPostingEngine ensures each migrated open item is audit-proof. Delivering the quality control and assurance required for business today.


bPostingEngine has already been trusted by some of the world's largest companies including Shell, Procter & Gamble and AstraZeneca. Get in touch to see how we could help your business.


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Implementing bPostingEngine with bancon

Posting Engines from other suppliers can be unnecessarily complex, expensive to run and require highly specialized consultants to operate. bPostingEngine has been born out of bancon's approach to get straight to the heart of the problem. By creating a simpler yet powerful alternative, our clients are able manage projects with speed ease for a fraction of the cost.

  • No data volume limitations, ideal for large, multi-national B2C corporations
  • Can be used in any migration, company code split or plant reallocations to automate the clearing and posting of all open items
  • Highly configurable and no specialist skills or expertise necessary
  • Audit proof as posting items are cleared at the source before being reposted in the target system
  • Reduced manual effort, reduces overall length and cost of the project

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