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System Landscape Optimization — we go beyond

Since 2005, bancon have been just one of a handful of global SAP partners who have a certified expertise in System Landscape Transformation. The large number of data transformation projects we’ve undertaken have been successful not just because we have access to SAP Landscape Transformation tools, but because we also have our own suite based on our deep knowledge of SLO, that allow us to get to the heart of the problem and solve it in the leanest, most cost-effective way.  

Quality assurance

Centred around quality assurance, a number of our unique bTools, accelerators and platforms take expensive manual tasks, prone to human error and automate them with more rigour and accuracy, not only reducing risk, but also reducing costs. Each solve very specific and potentially costly issues that can arise during any data transformation project. Working with bancon means your business will benefit from bTools and services trusted by hundreds of companies around the world, including SAP. Our deep knowledge of SAP organisational structure and business objects are baked into our bTools which is why bancon is the partner of choice for those who want to deliver data transformation projects at speed, while maintaining quality and keeping costs low.

Technical services and bTools

bDeletion Service: Company Code Deletion

Our bDeletion Service provides a solution for the deletion of any SAP business object, organisational structure, or combination of the two. Currently, the most prominent service example is Company Code Deletion (bCCDel), which is the solution to realise mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

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bPostingEngine: Automated Finance

bPostingEngine provides an audit proof solution for financial data during a transformation or conversion project.  To ensure that all financial transactions are accepted by auditors, all relevant financial postings need to be provided after a transformation project. Without bPostingEngine this is a lengthy task with room for human error.

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bValidation: Data validation

For the migration of data between two systems, conversion to S/4HANA or any other data transformation exercise, companies must make sure that: ​

  • All required data has been migrated or converted
  • No undesired data has been migrated or converted
  • Data content has been changed as desired
  • Data reconciliation after transformation or migration projects

Validation results must be documented for audit purposes, which would be a huge manual task. Our bValidation Service offers a holistic, end-to-end Service allowing companies to automate data validation processes. This includes:

  • A tool specifically developed to provide the technical basis of the service and encompasses Customizing and Execution parts​
  • The methodology, guidance and templates which are applied by our experienced consultants

Besides the service itself we also provide functional expertise to help and understand the impact of the migration / conversion and to assist with preventing and solving issues, which are being identified during a bDataValidation service​.

bServiceAutomation: Automation of SAP Services

This service provides an automation of services and transactions in an SAP system. It provides simple service or transaction as well as sequences of services or transactions to simulate business processes. An example would the creation of a sales order, the picking process in the warehouse, the delivery and invoicing.

This automation service has numerous business applications.

bAuthorizationValidation: Validation of technical authorizations

Our bAuthorizationValidation tool performs a number of key functions:

  • Technical validation of authorizations after migrations conducted
  • Validation regarding all data sets (customer/vendor master to business partner)
  • Authorizations which are being created by the SAP profile generator (PFCG)

bScan: Custom code scanner

Produces a series of reports to detect and highlight custom code.

  • Works on various SAP versions
  • Wide set of variants and parameters to highlight individual custom code

bDependancyAnalyzer: Dependency Analysis of processes and business objects

Produces a series of reports that accelerates analysis of dependencies between business processes and SAP business objects.

  • Scans obsolete/deleted objects
  • Supports standard and custom code
  • Works on various SAP versions

bCustomizingCompare: Comparison of customizing tables between multiple systems

Produces a series of reports after comparing customizing tables between source and target system.

  • Supports standard and custom tables
  • Can be used to compare any table i.e. Master data

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