As we emerge from the other side of the pandemic, innovation is vital for growth, particularly within financial services. As customer demand for more immersive and real-time digital experiences increases, and social and moral responsibilities are being challenged in new ways. Regulators are moving with these ever-changing times and so too must the financial services industry.

SAP and SAP Fioneer are bringing together global financial organisations at their in-person FSI Forum in Amsterdam to share, inspire, learn and re-connect. A chance to discover how the industry is harnessing people, ecosystems and experiences to drive growth and innovation.

The jam-packed agenda promises to highlight how organisations have learned to transform processes at astonishing speed. From nimble fintechs who are re-shaping the market and embedded finance which has the power to make every company a fintech to cryptocurrencies which have spawned a parallel universe of alternative financial services. A chance to hear directly from banks, insurers and fintechs on how innovation from SAP and SAP Fioneer is helping them re-shape their organisations, innovate in the cloud and expand their horizons.

We are really excited to be sponsors of the event and be attending in person. With some great speakers lined up, group discussion sessions, an agenda of pioneering topics and plenty of networking opportunities too, it is set to be a great couple of days.

Will we see you there?