Ensure the quality of your SAP systems!


Achieve efficiency and maintain an overview with the high-performance bancon-it bTestAutomation

Are you faced with the challenge of needing to adapt your SAP systems to individual or new requirements? Then accompanying, regular checks of data stability play an essential role! Is a transformation project or a new service package for your SAP ERP system planned? Automated regression tests minimize the risk of errors and failure and make your project shorter! Are you planning major changes to the system, such as migration to HANA? Safeguard the functionality of your system! Do you develop your software based on contemporary standards? Agile methods such as Scrum are only made possible through test-driven development!

With bTestAutomation, we provide you with a new, reliable standard that you can use to maintain and improve the quality of your data and SAP systems.!

Avoid time-consuming, manual test procedures that tie up your resources. Have errors in the system displayed automatically at an early stage. Minimize your risk of failure and ensure that your processes are executed correctly. Adapt your tests conveniently to every scenario. Use the maximum number of test cycles.
Benefit from our bTestAutomation!

You can find more information on bTestAutomationServices in our service paper.
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