Sanofi Pasteur is a global healthcare leader with 100,000 employees, providing healthcare solutions to more than 170 countries worldwide. They have 73 manufacturing sites in 32 countries. Their three core business units are speciality care, vaccines and general medicines.

Sanofi Pasteur operates a central purchasing system in order to optimize pricing from suppliers as well as the planning of the goods coming into the various plants. Sanofi Pasteur decided to reorganize their business and wanted to split out one of their manufacturing facilities, creating a new legal entity.

The Challenge

Moving one manufacturing facility from one legal entity to another is a complex procedure, especially for an organisation with centralized purchasing. It requires a lot of data to be carefully handled including purchasing, sales of goods and all warehousing activities.

Sanofi Pasteur had specific requirements which meant adapting the standard SAP procedures of a classical plant reallocation. In order to maintain quality and ensure results, a deep knowledge of the SAP system structure and experience in System Landscape Optimization projects was necessary.

The Solution

The bancon consultants involved in the project understood the complexity of the specific requirements set out by Sanofi Pasteur. Using a mixture of SAP System Landscape Optimization tools in conjunction with complimentary tools unique to bancon, (link to Quality Assurance) a clean transfer of all financial and logistical master data was carried over to the new legal entity.

Following the transfer, bancon audited the data using their proprietary tool, bTools, which replicates all postings relevant for individual transactions ensuring quality has been maintained from start to finish.

The Results

The project conducted in collaboration with SAP, was completed on-time and with a high degree of quality ensuring the smooth operation of Sanofi Pasteur's manufacturing sites in the process.

The application of bancon’s unique tools ensured not just the intended result of a clean company code split, but also a flawless post split audit of the new legal entity.

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