FGH Bank was a smaller entity belonging to Rabobank in the Netherlands and used SAP BCA and CML systems across all their banking functions including loans management and flexible processing for private and corporate customers. FGH Bank had planned to divest part of their loan portfolio, however no buyer had yet been identified.

The Challenge

The SAP functions used for loan management are highly specialised and require a niche set of skills. As no buyer had yet been identified, FGH Bank needed to split their loans portfolio into two systems, so they could continue to run simultaneously until a sale had been agreed.

FGH Bank needed assurances that there was no cross-over of information across the two systems as once the sale of the entity had taken place, the new system would be handed over to its new owner. Any data leak would breach regulations, resulting in a hefty fine and damaged reputation.

FGH Bank needed to ensure that after the split of the loan’s portfolio, no information would be left on the sold segment of the portfolio.

The Solution

To ensure minimal disruptions on the day-to-day operations, a thorough analysis into the state of the overall SAP system identified the definitions of the loan portfolio split, the system size, run-time, downtime and other implications that could affect the data security of FGH Bank’s loan portfolio.

Based on the analysis, FGH Bank knew exactly how the split was going to be done and how much time would be needed to perform the project on the productive system.

We then scheduled the deletion of information via the SAP LT tool. The tool was installed on the FGH Bank sandbox, which was based on the live system. We were therefore able to run the deletion in a safe environment, performing multiple tests without affecting the live system.

After the testing in the sandbox environment, FGH Bank was confidently prepared and, in a position, to sell off part of their loan’s portfolio.

The Results

The bancon team with their deep knowledge of SAP, delivered the service as promised — on time, on budget and without any data breaches.

"The bancon team delivered the service as promised with deep technical understanding and we are very satisfied. The result was exactly as they promised, in time and on budget."

Bernhard Stricker, Co-founder & Group Director — bancon
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