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bancon is a certified SAP partner, transforming a wide range of business challenges through data management, consultancy, design, development and implementation.

We've been innovating SAP banking in a variety of ways since its foundational release, from product design and client implementation, through to in-house development that now makes up the SAP standard solutions. Put simply, we understand business transformation. Be it transforming your SAP data landscape or designing innovative technical solutions for banking, insurance, manufacturing, utilities or consumer goods, we can quickly assess your business needs in order to determine what outcomes will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

We're an agile team which means we don't prolong projects beyond what is necessary. We do it differently, getting straight to the heart of the problem and solving it in the leanest, most efficient way. Why? Because that's true transformation.

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Our people are the foundation of our success. Sharing the same passion as our co-founders, who's inspiration of delivering the art of the possible whilst being guided by the voice of the end consumer throughout each stage of any project.

Bernard Stricker

Bernhard Stricker

Co-founder & Group Director

bernhard.stricker@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Joerg Mauelshagen

Jörg Mauelshagen

Co-founder & Group Director

joerg.mauelshagen@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Bradley Jarrett

Bradley Jarrett

Director, Financial Services Transformation

bradley.jarrett@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Wilfrd Schulte

Wilfried Schulte

Director, Data Transformation Services

wilfred.schulte@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Anton Brisuda

Anton Brisuda

Director, Technical Services

anton.brisuda@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Claudia Hoffman

Claudia Hoffmann

Recruitment Manager

claudia.hoffmann@bancon-it.com Linkedin

Why bancon?


We continuously co-innovate with SAP on their most cutting-edge builds for the banking industry and beyond. Leveraging our deep understanding of the underlying SAP architecture, our team has designed, developed and delivered many of the now standard SAP products.


Our team is made up of the original group of developers and architects of the standard SAP Banking solution. We have the deepest SAP Financial Services knowledge in the market.


We’re an independent consultancy who deliver projects on a global scale through our lean, agile and efficient team.


There is no other company in a better position to support you with your next data transformation or migration project. We are your safest pair of hands.

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