EPI-USE and bancon, both leading experts in SAP transformation, have engaged in a partnership to bring the most comprehensive set of SAP SLO & S/4HANA transformation services to the global SAP market.

The partnership will combine Data Sync Manager (DSM) from EPI-USE and bPostingEngine (bPE) from bancon to provide clients with any SAP estate, with the benefits of streamlined technical capability.

Previously, businesses with an SAP landscape could only benefit from this sophisticated automation when working with and managing multiple service partners. In coming together, EPI-USE and bancon are answering the need of clients who want more efficiency and greater return on investment on their data transformation projects.

Wilfried Schulte, Global Data Transformation Director at bancon comments, “As a client, having to work with multiple service partners is inefficient, time-consuming and costly. Having worked with EPI-USE Labs on a number of projects before, we realised we could remove this burden from our clients, streamline the process and make it that much easier to access the technology and have the most complete offering all in one place.”

“We’re looking forward to working with EPI-USE Labs as an official partner. We have already achieved great results for clients so with our new streamlined process in place, these will only magnify.”

The combination of DSM and bPE means that whether using SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA systems, modern Cloud API-drive or a hybrid environment, clients can benefit from a rapid, robust, object-based approach that is rooted in sophisticated data model mapping, separated from a rich functional layer. Together, the technology can slice, transform and functionally ‘post’ data and documents in way that provides simple solutions to complex problems. 

Wilfried continues, “Between the EPI-USE Data Sync Manager™ PRISM software suite and the bancon bPostingEngine, we have the most complete technology stack to enable repeated automation of the most complex of data transformation projects, in an audit-proof way.”

bancon has a wealth of experience when it comes to automating the posting of Open Items and assets in SAP, as this has been a common challenge within transformation projects for a long time. We’re really excited about working even closer together, in a partnership that will benefit existing clients and the wider SAP community.”

Decades of combined research has gone into the development of the technology stack to ensure SAP data is handled in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Transformation examples of where the toolsets are best used include:

  • Company Code Merges 
  • Global Enterprise Restructure (e.g. Plant Reallocations and Master Data transform/extensions with Company Code creations) 
  • S/4HANA Selective Transformative One-Step Migration from legacy systems 
  • Banking industry migration to new SAP platforms from any mix of legacy system 
  • Utilities industry transformation where Contract Accounts and Point of Delivery create a different focus for transformation 

For more information about how your project could benefit from this enhanced technology stack, get in touch with Wilfried Schulte.