Company Code Deletion

What is Company Code Deletion?


Company Code Deletion is a process whereby certain data needs to deleted in order to maintain
smooth running business operations. Reasons to deploy Company Code Deletion could be to
reduce the size of your database, clean up old data, an upgrade to SAP S/4HANA
or because of a company merger, acquisition or divestiture.

One of the most common is mergers, acquisitions or divestitures as often, major challenges can arise when
selling individual business units or buying entities from other companies. While IT systems have to be adapted
accordingly, the most challenging part is usually in the proper handling of business data. On the one hand, the
new owner of an entity must get access to all data belonging to the specific acquired business. On the other hand,
the data that does not belong to the new owner must be deleted.

Obsolete data, or data which is no longer needed, can hinder business operations from legal requirements and data
protection compliancy to IT system performance and landscape optimisation. Ultimately, all of these can have major
financial implications therefore, companies are well advised to get rid of this outdated data. However, as a result, a
wide range of systems such as SAP ERP, CRM and SCM can be directly affected.

What are the main challenges?

When any company undergoes these types of projects they typically experience:

  • Data complexity.Data in an ERP system can have complex structures and relationships. Nevertheless, data must remain consistent after each transformation and business processes must continue to run smoothly and unimpaired.
  • Data volume.The ability to convert and delete data quickly becomes a critical success factor when it comes to hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes. The downtime window should be kept as short as possible.
  • Data validation and reconciliation.Validating and reconciling data before and after any conversion or deletion can be extremely resource intensive and time consuming.

These factors can have a significant impact on project costs as well as timelines and quality.

How can these be solved?

bancon offers a comprehensive Company Code Deletion Service (bCCDel) that allows companies to reliably delete data from an SAP system that belongs to a specific set of company codes. Our low risk clone and delete approach for mergers and acquisitions is one example, and much more secure than data migration.

We have a range of specialized tools which address issues around data complexity and performance. With the help of our proven methodology finessed over 15 years, data is consistently and completely deleted and a job parallelization framework allows us to delete hundreds of gigabytes within a matter of hours.

In addition to this, our tools analyze the accuracy of an organizations structure within the SAP system and the impact any upcoming conversion or deletion will have on the business. We carry out data reconciliation and analysis before and after deletion at different levels and can therefore proactively identify, analyze and solve any issues ahead of them happening. We then provide our clients with methodologies and templates the topic of data validation and reconciliation can be promptly addressed with.

Our experienced project manager then use these templates to deliver on time and on budget.

How can we help?

  • Our proven project management methodology for deleting entire company codes, including templates for project results, proven cut-over plans includes a pre-analysis of customer data and the requirements which identify any gaps or issues at the very beginning of the project and the impact the deletion will have. We then calculate the coverage ratio for application data and can predict which data volumes will be deleted? This ensures there are no nasty hidden surprises during the process.

  • Our validation mechanism allows our project managers to see which data is to be deleted at business level (e.g. FI document numbers and invoices) and at table level. This is particularly important as the deletion can only be undone by means of a restoring a backup.

  • We carry out data reconciliation before and after any deletion on several levels before we hand the system over to the customer as any issues can be proactively reported and solved. This step increases the quality and reduces he risk to a minimum. We can also support you with validations, data reconciliation and analysis on your side.

  • We reduce the downtime window to only those steps that require a system standstill and we carry out all preparatory steps in advance without interrupting operation.

  • We support any SAP Basis teams you have in your business, monitor system performance and make fine adjustments so as not to exceed the targeted downtime window.

  • Our predefined customizing covers classic SAP ECC modules (FI, CO, MM, SD, LO, LE, PP, PM, QM, CS, PS, CA) and can beextended to other SAP standard solutions and add-ons, as well as to SAP industry and customer specific solutions (no development needed).

  • We can also offer a unique backup service, at a granular object and table level, as a complete database recovery is not always the best solution.

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Working with bancon

Holistic approach

We take care of and support you every step of the journey from project management data integrity, and data reconciliation to testing, impact analysis of your in relation to the organizational structure and business processes and,monitoring your system performance.

End-to-end approach

Our comprehensive service will take your project from ideation right through to the final result. Our long-established partnership with SAP means you won’t have to deal with multiple service providers or worry about technical details.

We speak your language

We speak both business and technology – as well as English, German, other languages including Russian, French and Spanish.

We understand how much interruptions cost

As an independent business, we understand that business interruptions can cost dearly. That’s why we make sure that your business runs as smoothly as possible and the downtime window is kept as short as possible.

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