bMigrationEngine is a migration platform specifically designed from the ground up to facilitate migration events relating to SAP & SAP Fioneer applications. The Banking Edition of bancon’s very own Migration Engine is an accelerator targeting financial institutions who want to benefit from applying best practices through the use of ‘out-of-the-box’ templates and reusable content to increase delivery rates, reducing human effort and ultimately reducing cost.

The purpose of bMigrationEngine is to ensure a smooth transition between legacy systems and new technologies, such as core banking systems, online banking platforms, or data warehouses.

What are the key features and functionalities of bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition?

Our specially designed migration engine for banking includes “out-of-the-box” extraction, transformation and load logic for multiple SAP & SAP Fioneer products including S4HANA Transactional Banking, S4HANA Loans Management (CML) and S4HANA Collateral Management. Our pre-developed templates eliminate the requirement to design, develop and deliver transformation logic and load logic for standard migration objects, and enables users to speed up their migration event. 

You can combine bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition with your existing third party or homegrown migration platforms. This feature provides the ability to blend the best of both tools to maximise reusability.

Powerful mass data processing for fast performance even under high load. Giving financial institutions peace of mind when migrating large amounts of historical master and transactional data.

Our specialist banking edition migration engine was built with data security in mind, and as such is deployed within your SAP environment removing the need for highly sensitive data to be transferred away from legacy or target environments.

Heavily customisable and extendable to support customer-specific developments. Experience has shown that financial institutions have historically leveraged a high percentage of custom development – bMigrationEngine provides complete flexibility and is highly extendable.

The new Banking Edition of our own migration engine leverages SAP programming language ABAP, making bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition easily accessible to in-house programming teams who have the skills required to extend or reuse our platform or its templates. 

The tool has an intuitive user interface (UI) with pre-defined views for different user roles. Enabling project teams to assign dedicated roles to individual users as needed and further reducing security risks by being able to restrict users to certain actions or data sets.

Why should financial institutions consider bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition?

bancon’s bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition has been designed and developed to enhance its reusability, enabling it to be leveraged for multiple industry-specific migration projects, reducing development efforts, and ensuring consistent and efficient migration processes. 

bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition reduces project effort due to the digital streamlined nature of the accelerator and scenarios covered through ‘‘out-of-the-box’’ templates. Having an automated migration process reduces the need for manual effort, minimizing the risk of human error. This in turn reduces costs.

Transparent, flexible and fair commercial arrangements allow for those with even the most modest budgets to migrate with bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition.

bancon has been the trusted leader in strategising, conceptualising and executing SAP Banking migrations, with a 100% success rate, for more than 20 years. Transforming businesses through our use of innovation has seen us execute the migration for 50 top global financial institutions spanning retail, corporate and investment banking. We have an unrivalled expertise of how to ease the process of data migration for financial institutions.

  1. SAP Financial Services accounts for 75% of what we do as an organisation, it’s in our blood.  We’re a specialist partner able to mitigate and support Financial Institutions in achieving success by leveraging SAP and SAP Fioneer software. 

What business scenarios does bMigrationEngine – Banking Edition support?

The scenarios that bMigrationEnigne – Banking Edition support consist of:

  • Migrating legacy (SAP or non-SAP) data onto SAP Banking Services, SAP S/4HANA Transactional Banking and S/4HANA Loans Management
  • Transitioning and/or upgrading from SAP Banking Services to SAP S/4HANA Transactional Banking
  • Transitioning and/or upgrading from SAP Consumer Mortgage Lending (CML) to SAP S/4HANA Loans Management (CML) and S4HANA Collateral Management System
  • Transitioning from SAP Banking Customer Accounts (SAP BCA) to SAP Fioneer S/4HANA Transactional Banking -Deposits Management
  • Migrating data away from SAP Banking Services to another SAP or non-SAP Core Banking System

So, whether you’re looking to reorganise or reconcile the data within your existing SAP system, migrate data to or from an SAP Banking solution, bancon are the partners who can assist you in making an informed decision that makes the best sense for your business across several different scenarios.

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